Tanushree Dutta’s distressing post says ‘If anything happens to me, Nana Patekar is responsible’

Tanushree Dutta recently shared a distressing post where she wrote that Nana Patekar should be responsible if something happened to her. In her post, Tanushree Dutta took a dig at Nana Patekar, his team and Bollywood mafia. She also asked people to after the people who made smear campaigns against her after she started the MeToo movement in India by accusing Nana Patekar. She further clarified that she isn’t going anywhere and will work hard to resurrect her career.

Tanushree Dutta's distressing post says 'If anything happens to me, Nana Patekar is responsible'

Tanushree Dutta shared a shocking post on social media Tanushree Dutta accused Nana Patekar that if anything happens to her then Nana Patekar and people associated with her are responsible for the acquisition of Tanushree Dutta’s unfair treatment against Nana Patekar who had kicked me for the movement. India The Kisan Miss India has now put out a social media post where she again attacks veteran actor Tanushree Dutta after Melika. If anything ever happens to me, then let me tell you that MeToo accused Nana Patekar, his lawyer and associate and his Bollywood mafia friends are responsible for this. 

Who is Bollywood Mafia? The same people whose names came up again and again in the Sushant Singh Rajput death case. Note that everyone has the same criminal lawyer. Strongly boycotting Tanushree Bollywood mafia members and Karnacha she said that after all the faces of the industry and journalists who spread fake news about me and PR people, behind vicious smear campaigns with a vicious vengeance followed them. Go after everyone. Make their life hell because they annoy me a lot. Law and justice may have failed me but I have faith in the people of this great nation. 

Tanushree Dutta harass or targets Tanushree Dutta on social media I am being harassed and targeted very badly, please someone do something first, this last one year my Bollywood work is being sabotaged Was. Then a maid was hired to fill my drinking water with drugs and steroids which caused all kinds of serious health problems. Then when I fled to Ujjain in May, the brakes of my vehicle tampered twice and the accident happened. I barely escaped death and returned to Mumbai after days to resume normal life and work. Now outside my flat in my building there is a strange disgusting stuff. Suicide I’m not going to commit suicide in a nutshell. Nor am I going anywhere and going. I am here to stay and take my public career to greater heights than ever before. 

Tanushree Dutta who made headlines early in her career has been away from limelight for quite some time now. Tanushree Dutta may act as Tanushree Dutta, co-star Rehe Nana Patekar sexually assaulted

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