Luke Bell, Country Singer, Found Dead at 32 Over a Week After Being Reported Missing

Luke Bell, a country singer-songwriter, is dead at 32 after he was reported missing in Arizona. The singer, whose cause of death has not been revealed, released his debut album ‘Don’t Mind if I Do’ in 2014, and played supporting gigs for musicians like Willie Nelson.

Luke Bell, Country Singer, Found Dead at 32 Over a Week After Being Reported Missing

Luke Bell, a rising country singer-songwriter, died a week after he was reported missing in Arizona, aged 32, with the Tucson Police Department confirming his death, noting that he was in midtown Tucson. was found and investigation is ongoing.

Luke’s cause of death not known I am the bravest bullfighter I have ever dared to depend, yes I am the bravest bullfighter that ever dares. The news of the musician’s death is receiving love from the country’s music community. Joshua Headley R.P. It’s been a long time since I saw him and I was talking about him the other day, wondering what a really sad night he’s doing for country music.

The band Mike in the Moon Peas shared how heartbroken they are on Instagram, the man and his music left an impression he was a real deal traveling on that lost highway out there, finding himself a Do the favors and rest in peace Friends and Margot Price dispensing some Luke Bell tunes in his memory tonight. This tribute is easy for our dear friend.

Luke collaborated with Margot with the Alabama Shakes and Langhorne Slim, he also played instrumental gigs for Willie Nelson in 2014, Luke released his debut album If I Do This and by 2016 Luke was on a record. Signed the deal and released a self-titled album. Luke opened up about his passion for country music in an interview with Didi TV in 2018, I got into country music more and more because I did country stuff, I got a box of records you know and got some old ones . At that age country records like Merle Haggard and Hank Snow and stuff like that Hank Williams and I just live the country working lifestyle and then started listening to country music and it just made sense in the mirror Mr. Where are you, friend I went out of town tonight where are you.

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