Deshaun Watson receives 11-game suspension, $5M fine after NFL-NFLPA settlement

The NFL and NFLPA reached a settlement agreement on an 11-game suspension and $5 million fine for Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson. The money will reportedly go to charity and Watson will return in Week 13 against his former team, the Houston Texans. Colin Cowherd reacts to the news.

Deshaun Watson receives 11-game suspension, $5M fine after NFL-NFLPA settlement

According to various sources you guys know about nfl and nflpa a minute ago there’s not going to be a lawsuit, they agree to it and that’s kind of the agreement, you negotiate you get some stuff that you want i want some stuff i need so when robinson was sued like a 6 game suspension former judge many people speculated before him many people were speculating a six game suspension maybe no one will go back and see he’s in the legal profession he said he was looking at the evidence and where there was criminal practice remember no civil lawsuit was right so it’s six games when it came down to that i said i’m going to take it twelve to six games would double for the primacy of the evidence of immoral conduct and then I would double it for a line he’s never been about it before and so they agreed to the games now Roger Goodell wanted the season but talks give me all that Didn’t get what you want Deshaun Watson’s group was overjoyed with this six-scene to Watson camp.

Remember the NFLPA when It’s six ga mille mess you remember their reaction they were very friendly they didn’t argue why it’s very gratifying because they knew it was mild so goodell comes in strong call it’s violent he basically it Saying we’ll let it go and hang out with another ex-retired attorney general in New Jersey who has connections to the NFL and so we’re waiting for all kinds of OK NFL Goodell and the NFLPA to negotiate during this process. and they’ve reached the games and fighting a million ya Fine a seven figure big five million dollars sounds like a lot of money I don’t know I’ve got to be a boss who I don’t Off the top of my head I’m sure owning five million dollars or more, but If a player is fined million dollars to get five million in real money you have to give them a million in cash. Gotta have this game listen they ain’t going to take garop polo i think they’re going with jacobi brissette he’s been in the system now he’s got coaches this game he’ll be back his first game back to houston So let’s take a look at the games that are all week you’re going from Cincinna to Baltimore Saints Pittsburgh Houston Cincinnati Washington Pittsburgh.

They game probably winnable with Jacoby Brissett but you can’t get him Chargers and Justin Herbert You’re not going to get him against Mack and the Patriots you won’t find him against Lamar and throw the first you’re not going to go with him two arms or Josh Allen or Tom Brady so it says here I am being told it is game and first game week. So the NFL remember they wanted a lot of buzz, this would be the game I think they didn’t want the countryside, which is the biggest brand in the NFL with Tom Brady, they didn’t want Dason Watson Anywhere Tom Have Brady Game Nowhere Tom Brady No Tom Brady Anywhere You Countryman Want Watson Brand So NFL I Think Yes Satisfied Today Going To Houston Is Your First Game But Most Great Quarterbacks Face Those First Weeks Joe isn’t going to have Brady, won’t he have Josh Allen isn’t going to have Justin Herbert for the first time with Lamar and Burrow so he definitely won’t have a week against Baker Mayfield uh so there You go I think you know me I don’t think Cleveland in that division I think Cincinnati is really good Baltimore is really good and I don’t know how good Kenny Pickett is going to be or the quarterback position but in Pittsburgh There is a lot of talent and there is no chaos and there is a lot of talent on both sides.

Players type the ball so I feel like it’s a four rth place team and uh it’s okay I don’t care if it’s the price you pay for rewarding really bad behavior and It’s not fair that Cleveland not only gave him a contract, but they gave him the only fully guaranteed contract I remember in NFL history. Million dollars are fully guaranteed that other owners you get in baseball-year contracts. Watch the content and the NBA fully guarantees that you don’t do it in the NFL. Jimmy Haslam sided with any of these owners so that any ownership group was vested in Cleveland Jerry’s. Jones pushed back on the NFL years ago when Zeke got what he was. It’s like a six-game suspension for bad behavior. Jerry has many collaborators. NFL owners made the league a lot of money. He has made a lot of league owners. his best friend in the money is stan cronkie who owns the rams i think he is the richest i think he is the richest owner in the nfl.

Jerry Jones has a lot of fans in the NFL. He has made a lot of people money and Jerry allegedly tried to fire Goodell, it didn’t work, so in this instance it was a different situation, but similar to Donald Sterling, where no one owned Sterling. Even the person did not go back from here to Adam Silver. None of the bosses at Haslam specifically came back with their team’s schedule, but the fully guaranteed contract felt like you were rewarded for really violent behavior, so some people wouldn’t like it, some might get caught. But the NFL and the NFLPA have reached a settlement That’s Cleveland will be pretty much toast at that time which is kind of my guess so this is our story this morning Hi everyone Thanks for subscribing to the show to get the latest.

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