Comedian Raju Shrivastav Passes Away at 58

Now unfortunate news that is coming in of comedian Raja Shrivastav who has unfortunately passed away in the national capital at the age of 58 and that has been confirmed by his family. He was admitted to the all India Institute of Medical Sciences in Delhi on the 10th of August. After he experienced chest pain and had collapsed while working out at a gym.

Comedian Raju Srivastava Passes Away at 58

This is unfortunate news as far as Raju Shrivastav the very famous comedian and he’s been quite vocal, when it comes to his political views as well. He was admitted at the all India Institute of Medical Sciences after suffering a heart attack. The comedian raju shrivastav who continued to be on ventilator support for over 40 days. Now in fact recently his family had been informing that the comedian is recovering slowly but unfortunately he agreed with his last let me go across to Mohit.

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Raju Shrivastav Passed Away

Right now Mohit unfortunate news comedian Raju srivastava passing away well yet in fact, it’s a very unfortunate and tragic news, that has come of that, comedian Raju srivastava is no more for 41 days. He was on ventilator in all India Institute of Medical Science and we know for a fact that how in fact the Prime Minister Modi personally was looking into his health and he was recovering well from past few days. We have seen that how his family member said that from past few days. He was recovering well but  today what we are getting to know from the sources of the family that Raju srivastava has passed away.

Raju Shrivastav Death Reason

We know that on 10th of August he was exercising in gym and after that he suffered in massive heart attack and after that he was admitted to him for 41 days. He was on ventilator all the senior leaders of the all India Institute of Medical Science were uh so looking after his health in between. He was getting better but yes he was on ventilator for 41 days and the doctor said that the the oxygen was not able to reach to the brain of Raju srivastava and that is what was being said by the doctor according to the sources that until the time the oxygen doesn’t raise the brain of Raju srivastava. He will not he will not come into his senses, He was in deep coma, He was on ventilator for 41 days. There was a massive blockage in his arteries and that is why he was admitted. He was there for 41 days and there was a the dioxidant was not able to reach rainbow and the family was in constant death with the media.

They have been saying that he was recovering well from past few days but today the unfortunate and the tragic news has come up Raja srivastava somebody who was. Who could be said as a first stand-up comedian of the country, who was there on the TV channels and all his gigs all his comedy was very famous all throughout the country and the world and he was a great mimicry artist. He was very down to earth, he came from a very humble background and now he has possible.

It’s a very unfortunate and the tragic news that has come up absolutely Mohit because what has been said that he received angioplasty on the same day when the heart attack was reported but he had not regained Consciousness and his recovery has been very slow and painful for the last 40 days. That he was on ventilator support. It makes me extremely extremely sad because he was such a fine person such a fine artist, it was such a pleasure to know him and we’ve been praying for days from the time. We’ve got the news we’ve been praying every day so that he recovers but sadly our prayers were not heard so yeah absolutely sir because if we talk about him as a comedian as a human being, if you can share more on that sir because he had shot to fame especially when it comes to his quirky ways and the way he used to speak and his comedy timing was something that was widely appreciated, impeccable his comedy timing was so good, he was by far one of the most talented artists of this country, I mean it’s a huge loss to the entire country and I remember you know performing with him various times dometimes on television and sometimes even in live shows and he was the most humble and downward person as I always had a person kind of you know grows this line

If you keep your ego aside and that’s what he did I mean he was completely an egoless artist it didn’t really matter who’s growing what’s growing he was so you know excellent at his own craft and he was so concentrated, he was used to concentrate on his own craft and he was a very fine artist. I actually did another show called which was a dancing show and again rajubai not being the you know best of dancers the amount of effort. That he put in to kind of even Excel. There so he was one of the most hard-working people. I have met and I remember that obviously because I and rajubai were a part of then the comedy of bonus was on us that you know we create and Raju Bhai was such great help to me so that you know on the spot creating great humor and coming out with one-liners and one of the most talented and gifted people. I have ever met and it’s a huge huge huge loss to us.

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