2,848.35 crore only for Jewar Airport Compensation Rate?

Only 2000 crores was given by the UP government in the budget for Jewar Airport, on Tuesday, the UP government presented the budget for the financial year 2020-21, in this budget, the budget has also been given for Jewar Airport, in this budget in Gautam Buddha Nagar. Only Rs 2,000 crore was given for the construction of the Jewar airport, but the Jewar airport, which will be built at a total cost of Rs 29,560 crore, is also expected to be operational by 2023. It is being said that it will be the largest airport in the country.

Jewar Airport news

According to the Noida International Airport Limited, Jewar or Noida International Greenfield Airport is to be constructed in four phases. The first phase will start this year i.e. in 2020. 4,086.54 crore is estimated to be spent on this.

2,848.35 crore only for Jewar Airport Compensation Rate?

Under this, Rs 2,848.35 crore will be spent on paying compensation for private land of jewar airport. After this, Rs 894.53 crore will be spent on rehabilitation of displaced families, Rs 318.66 crore is proposed as additional compensation and the remaining 25 crore is proposed for administrative expenses.

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Jewar Airport will be counted as the largest airport in India

Significantly, this airport is to be completed by the year 2023. In such a situation, the question arises that the allocation of only Rs 2000 crore in the mouth of the camel is proving correct. Not only this, it is being told that in future this 5,000 hectare airport to be built on 7200 acres will be the largest airport in India. With six runways, this airport will be counted among the largest airports in the world.

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Annual capacity of Jewar Airport will increase from 50 lakhs to 6 crores

The annual capacity of Jewar airport will be around 5 million, while it will have a capacity of around 60 million per annum after being fully expanded over the next 30 years. Jewar Airport is approximately 72 km from Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport. It is being developed to reduce the load from Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi. 

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