Who is Rex Maughan? Age, Address, Family and Biography

In this article, we will talk about Rex Maughan like Who is Rex G Maughan, Rex Maughan Age and Address, Rex Maughan Early Life, Rex Maughan Family and Rex Maughan career etc.

Rex Maughan Biography

Rex Maughan Biography

Who is Rex G Maughan?

Rex G. Maughan is an American businessman. Rex G. Maughan is the founder, president and CEO of Forever Living Products Company. Forever Living Products Company is a multi-level marketing company. Maughan sells beehives, aloe vera and other personal products internationally.

Rex Maughan Age and Address

Rex maughan was born on 20 November, 1936 in Logan, Utah, United State. he is 84 years old. 

Rex Maughan Early Life

Rex Maughan was born on November 20, 1936 in Logan, Utah. He grew up on a farm in Soda Springs, Idaho. Rex is also a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and serves LDS missions in Samoa. Rex had his first meeting with his wife Ruth when they were both attending Brigham Young University (BYU), and the two then married. Ruth and Rex moved to Arizona after Ruth graduated from BYU with a degree in elementary education. When Ruth was studying at school, Rex was pursuing her degree at Arizona State University. Rex Maughan holds a B.S. in Accounting, 1962.

Rex Maughan Family

Rex maughan’s wife’s name is Ruth and they have 3 sons and 12 grandchildren and granddaughters.

Rex Maughan Career

Initially, Rex Moughan started working as an accountant in the 1960s as well as investing in land. Later, he joined the Dell E-Web Construction Company, and for the next 13 years he worked there and went on to reach the post of Vice President. At this time, Maughan is working in his own company (Forever Living Products) and investing in land.

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