What is voice and non-voice process? Meaning of Voice & Non Voice Process

In this post you will get all the information about Voice and Non Voice Process from which you will be able to know What is Voice and Non Voice process job? and What is voice and non-voice process?, Meaning of Voice & Non Voice Proces Along with this you will also get to know what is required for non voice process job and how to get non voice job?

What is voice and non-voice process? Meaning of Voice & Non Voice Process

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Difference Between Voice and Non Voice Process

If you want to know about voice and non voice process, then first you have to know what is the difference between voice and non voice process? So let us understand its difference in detail. As you can guess from the names of these two, what do they mean.

Voice Process Meaning: Voice means that you or the customer is talking to you directly on the phone. Meaning you and the customer are connected to each other through the phone. 

Non Process Meaning: But in non voice you do not talk to the customer directly on the phone. Meaning the customer doesn’t know what you’re doing? This whole process is called non voice process job. Simply put, in non voice process job, you are connected with your customer through email or chat or through the particular portal of the company in which you are working.

What is a Non Voice Process Job?

A non-voice job is a job in which you solve a customer’s problem via email or chat. From the name of this job you can guess that instead of talking directly to the customer, you solve his problem through email or chat. Let us tell you that in some companies the work of data entry is also called non voice process job. If clearly stated, in this job you have to solve the customer’s problem through email or chat on computer or mobile without using your voice. Non voice job is office base job. Usually in this job you reply to email or chat, while the work is done there.

What is Non Voice Process Payment?

Talking about the salary of non-voice job, usually you can get 20 to 25 thousand rupees every month in the beginning. Your salary may also be higher according to your talent and experience. So if you want to work in any field then always try to increase the talent. By doing this you will get a chance to advance in your career. If we talk about career in this job then you can join as fresher as executive or agent. Then you can get promoted as Senior Executive, Team Leader, Manager etc according to your work and experience. In this way, if you want, you can easily make your career in non-voice job.

Skills Required for Non Voice Process Jobs

1. Your English should be good for non voice job. It doesn’t matter if you can’t speak English, but you must understand English and know how to write pure English well. But if you are having trouble speaking English and you want to learn to speak English then you must read the post ‘How to Learn to Speak English from Home’. I am sure your English will be very good.

2. For this job you should have knowledge of computer and internet.

3. Apart from this, your typing speed should be very good because in non voice job usually you have to work on computer or desktop only.

4. You are given a little training on how to respond to emails or chats, so that the customer is completely satisfied with your answer. This training can be done before or after the start of the task.

If you have the knowledge of above mentioned skills then you are all set for non voice job. But if you have such skill then how can you get a job without voice, let’s know about it.

How To Find Voice and Non Voice Process Job?

Friends, if you want to find voice and non voice job then you can first search on google or you can apply for this kind of job by visiting job portal. After this, many companies also take out job advertisements in newspapers, you can also take help of this. You can also apply for jobs and give interviews via email. 

In this way you can easily find voice and non voice jobs easily. Friends, we hope that you have liked the Voice and Non Voice Process Job and you will be able to answer all your questions. Still if you want to get more information about voice and non voice process job then definitely ask by commenting. We are always ready to assist you.

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