Tokyo Revengers Chapter 251 Spoilers Leak

That’s why we got an unexpected Tokyo Revengers manga Chapter 251 leak, which features the Kanto Manji Gang and Miki and Takamichi on the cover of Weekly Shannen Magazine 22.

tokyo revengers chapter 251 spoilers

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 251 Spoilers

For this chapter we see a fight between Anupi Wakasa and Benke, in which Kokonoi was involved, we see Hanma at the end, we think he went home and at the end we see Pachin Vs. The title of Miki Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 251 must have gotten out of hand before the video starts. Don’t forget to like subscribe the video and turn on the bell notification when a new video is dropped. This chapter looks really interesting without any hustle let’s get to the video, from the previous chapters we are still in the Tokyo Manji Gang Manji In Gang Vs Kanto Fight Tokyo Manji Gang is currently leading the fight as half of Kanto Manji executives are lost to Tokyo Manji captains and vice captains from previous chapter 250, we see a preview on Takamichi and Kokucho battle where Takamichi is right now Also facing Kokucho Kikucho seemed annoyed because Takamichi is still fighting and doesn’t want to give up. After that glory we also see the defeat of Mahan Singh Mataram. He was defeated in the back by a punch to the jaw.

From the leaked chapter we finally see Mickey who was still watching from above without taking part in the fight and Panama whom we all kicked off the battlefield because this is the first time he has started a fight. It is shown we see Hanma sitting with Mickey while Hamma is standing, Mickey turns and tells Hama to clean up the mess and Roger responds to Hamma and Hanma removes his face mask and we all Ko smiles to learn that while Handman enjoys fighting his character as anything else in the book, his favorite place is within a fight.

Next we see Mission and Hakkai, when they have cleaned out the Hatni brothers, they are still in full force, we also see you Chafi and Chafi, you support Akan because he is very tired and maybe his Hammer can’t stand and say hey to them, you guys failed to die, play with me, so Mickey literally sends Hamma to defeat the rest of the Tokyo Revengers captains, who approved of their fight and so on. Looks like we have a match between Mitsaya Hakkai Akon Jafiyu vs Hama, it is uncertain whether they all four will fight Han Mo alone because according to Messiah Tokyo Manji does not use dirty tricks, we recently learned from the previous chapter Is. He knows or cares about being in the Kanto Manji gang, which means that Ben is probably the one who created the dynamic duo Kanto. The idea of ​​joining the gang comes to Manji’s mind, the reason is not known. 

He gets into a fight with Wakasa and slaps a newcomer among Anupi, saying that she is not as cute as Wakasa, Inupi is sorry. With no option but to face the two powers, we see Anupi being handled. Wakasa. Being beaten up and Ben’s Ben K punches him and Wakasa kicks him. Inupi can’t fight back because it’s an unfair fight.

Kokonoi watches the fight from the sidelines. Inupi challenges him at first but he refuses as he does not want to fight with her. When he kills a novice, Wakasa and Ben’s Anupi ask Kokonoi to help him, but Koko hesitates as they are considered enemies as they are in a fight with their gang. Kokonoi sees a newbie sister of Ken. She smiles and everything goes blank. Akane says that she suddenly remembers a cane’s words and Coconut blames Bengke, while Anupi is shocked until she faints. hai come live as you wish and thanks and kokonyu reply i see i have been stubborn for cane presence for a long time i remember tokyo avengers have some supernatural elements i knew coconut from the beginning because They are closer than they actually were to Tanjiku Ark. 

In the next chapter we can see the fight between the Black Dragon dynamic duo Benkei and Wakasa and childhood friends and the former Black Dragon leader in Nupi and Kokonyu. was watching the fight He told Mickey that Mickey enjoys watching from above and looked at him we see deep impulse lines on his face Ha Chin said I am with you and we are in the middle of the third division Captain Haruki’s Watch a matchup between Hishida vs Kanto Manji Gang President Manjiro Sano.

May be that’s one reason Mike has decided to sit out of this fight, but look forward to the next chapter in the battles to come.

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