Single Use Plastic Ban List in India

Single use plastic has been banned in the country from today i.e. from 1st July.  There has been a complete ban on manufacturing, selling, storing and exporting 19 items made of single use plastic which the government has banned.

Single Use Plastic Ban

Single Use Plastic

Let us now tell you what is single use plastic. It means in its name itself, that is, a plastic that can be used only once, a plastic that we throw away after one use, such as a bottle of water, a packet of milk, according to the United Nations, every single person in the world. One million plastic bottles are bought in a minute. Five lakh crore plastic bags are used every year. In India alone 2.4 lakh tonnes of single use plastic is produced every year. These figures are from the Central Pollution Control Board.

Single use plastic ban list in india

 First of all, know which items are banned:

  •  plastic stick airbirds,
  •  plastic sticks for balloons,
  •  plastic cups and glasses,
  •  plastic flags, 
  •  candlestick,
  •  ice cream sticks,
  •  thermocol,
  •  plastic plate,
  •  plastic forks,
  •  plastic spoon,
  •  plastic knives,
  •  plastic straw,
  •  Plastic tray, which wraps or packs sweet boxes.
  •  plastic sheet used on film invitation card,
Single Use Plastic Ban List in India

Plastic sweet cans In India, a new law was made last year by amending the Plastic Waste Management Act, under which the use of single use plastic can be punished with imprisonment of one year or fine of one lakh rupees or both.

How dangerous is single use plastic?

Single use plastic causes terrible harm to the environment because such plastic neither decomposes nor can it be burnt. Its fragments release toxic chemicals into the environment which is extremely dangerous for both humans and animals, along with single use plastic waste prevents rainwater from going under the ground, due to which the level of ground water decreases. More products made from plastic are made for single use, due to which plastic waste is being collected on the earth.

Single-use plastic statistics

Talking about India alone, every day twenty six thousand tons of plastic waste is generated in the country, out of which only sixty percent is collected and the rest goes into river drains. Talking about the world, the United Nations estimates that 400 million tons of plastic waste is generated every year, according to the United Nations, about 200 million tons of plastic waste has gone into the oceans so far. Till two thousand sixteen, about 15 million tonnes of plastic waste went into the sea every year. Every year up to 37 million tonnes of waste is estimated to go into the sea by two thousand forty. What is your opinion, definitely tell us in the comment box.

Single Use Plastic statistics

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