Punjab vs Gujarat IPL 2022 Dream 11 Prediction Today

Friends, today we will talk about the Punjab vs Gujarat IPL 2022 Dream 11 Prediction Today.  In this match, how do you have a team that gives you the win?  If you want to try players in IPL teams then I will give you complete information in this video.

Punjab vs Gujarat IPL 2022 Dream 11 Prediction Today

Punjab vs Gujarat IPL 2022 Dream 11 Prediction Today 

So friends, if I talk about this ground, then the last match that happened was from this ground, it was fine between Punjab vs Chennai, Punjab lost the meaning of batting in the first toss, Chennai won the toss and Punjab team one hundred and eighty  Scored runs, lost eight wickets, then when the second innings came he gave Chennai team ten wickets, so from here you should keep in mind that generally if you guys count, it’s good batting.  It is fine here but the Punjab bowlers have performed here in the last match.  In this match it is easy to assume that Punjab’s chances of winning are slightly higher than Gujarat’s title and there is another reason, it is not that brother means Punjab is playing, then the same reason is not for the players.  I will tell you the reason why punjab players are so important, against those who are now gujarat players they will still show you if you want an example or as an example because they are gujarat bowlers now.

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Now who is the most important bowler of Gujarat in this?  Is it Shami and then Rashid Khan then the main thing I want to point out is neither Mohammed Shami nor he who is Shikhar Dhawan, it is okay that Punjab has not taken his wicket even once.  Scored one hundred and three runs in sixty balls but once in the entire history of IPL Shikhar Dhawan hasn’t got a single wicket, and if Shami flops in the opening power play, you know Punjab will bat so strong again  .  From the side, because Dhawan also matters a lot, he is a simple guy who needs and hits four sixes every ball.  It is not that even if you want, you will not be able to kill.  He also hits and then has a good record against the front main bowler.  So these things are called a small area of ​​Punjab, I will tell you about the chances of winning more.

In the eleven matches played at this ground so far, batting first has won three matches, bowling first has won eight matches.  Now friends Punjab team had lost after winning the toss first, the toss is fine, they won the batting match but Punjab would also like to bowl after winning the toss in the match.  Because here which team wins the most matches who bowl.  Chennai’s team has definitely lost but their decision was very accurate.

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So in this match, whichever team wins the toss, you will be seen bowling, right?  And apart from this in the last three matches i.e. the fast bowler took twenty five wickets on this ground and the spinners took thirteen wickets.  Now this is not going to confuse you as it was the same situation yesterday.  That sixty-five bowlers will remain important, spinners will not be there and what happened in yesterday’s match?  Who put all the games in yesterday’s match?  The spin bowler took three wickets, the one who took three of the three wickets, the spin bowler took only one

It has to be noted, don’t ignore the spinner. It is important if you look from both the sides, Rashid Khan is fine from one side and if you go from the other side then what a great form Rahul has become.  So brother, don’t ignore the spinners, even if it’s a bowler’s record, it’s real but anything can happen.  Three wins and one defeat for Punjab’s team, two wins.

Now if Gujarat team wins this match it will go straight to the top of eh point stable, whichever of the two wins is ok because winning the match is very important for both of them especially as far as I am concerned  .  Concerned.  Punjab should win, let’s see the rest.

After that, if I talk about him, then Shikhar Dhawan will open with Mayank Agarwal, Mayank Agarwal is such an important player, brother in such dirty form, but the form is the dirtiest, look at Bhanu or Johnny from here, all the team needed was that  How not to man Bhanu because in such good form as he has scored just forty three runs in the first match, then forty three in the first match, then thirty one and that too with the pace, he cannot remove such players, now he is the last  Had flopped in the match.  Now you can play comfortably because brother need a chance, everyone should play according to me, let’s see the rest

He is followed by Jitesh Sharma, Shah Rukh Khan, Smith, Rahul Chehre, Rabada, Vaibhav Arora, Harshdeep Singh.  In the opening, you will see Vaibhav Arora with Rabada, in Death Over you will see Arshdeep with Rabada. 

Now do not pay attention to the players of the bench because the chances of playing are very less, everyone else’s team is the team of Gujarat, from here there will be an opening with Shubham Gill.  Gill had shown the amazing performance of his brother in the last match.  AT Force had the highest score in their previous match.  Next is Vijay Shankar.  Well, as far as my ad is concerned, Joe will play Grand, GrandLeague.  So this is Vijay Shankar, eleven percent selected player, player of eight credits, batting one down.  And will bowl too, but what percentage of people have taken, only eleven percent of people have done one thing, see I told you yesterday also.  That if this guy is batting one down, he has a good chance to bat?  So by batting a down like this you will play IPL

So now you have to try what you will do.  If this guy scored twenty to thirty runs and took a wicket, even if you assume it to be a mistake, the ninth percentile guys can’t win, only the eleventh percentile will win a great one, then it’s pretty risky though you.  But if it is effective then you have to try it.

Keep in mind that whoever will play in IPL is Hardik Pandya, so here is Miller, Tevetia is here, I told you in the last that Tevetia will be a flop and even if it happens, Abhinav Manohar is from here Varun Rashid Khan.  Aaron is there and then Lockie took four wickets and I told you in the last it’s the trump card of this match and that guy did an amazing job,

Then there is Mohammed Shami, Shami and Hardik Pandya in the opening death and you will see Shami in death either with Aaron or with Aaron, right?  They have players in the match, which you can see on the screen,

Now let’s talk after that if you want to bat then you will get to see the batting of Shubham Gill vs Shubham and Abada.  Ah, now if you notice that Gill has been allowed to score only twelve runs off twenty three balls and has taken a wicket, the struggle remains against Shubman Gill, who is Shubman Gill in the previous match, he also scored eighty-four runs.  Make it  Even in Rabada against the GL, whoever the GL plays or will do, it will drop Gill from a team, nothing like a drop if you are making twenty teams, you have to drop by four or if five in the IPL.  Your level is different if you want to get the rank of Hardik Pandya then see guys Rabada who is not AMI of Hardik Pandya who faced Mumbai Indians there,

Now this will be the first match against Gujarat and there he had to face the death over.  In the last overs, in the overs of eighteen to twenty.  So who is Hardik Pandya, he scored thirty eight runs in twenty seven balls and in that Hardik Pandya’s four sixes, Hardik Pandya’s record against Rabada is amazing.

Now there is only one wicket in the match, then once his wicket has been taken, Rabada, Rabada has also taken Pandya’s wicket once, but now it means playing for Gujarat, now that’s the point.  will be different.  Then Shikhar Dhawan vs Mohammed Shami, that’s what I told you in the beginning, and then living verses Rashid Khan, you’ll find this fight amazing, who scored seventy runs in forty six balls but conceded three wickets.  Sometimes the record of Rashid Khan against all players is very good but right now the main thing is that the main story is that the form of living is amazing everything is fine so it happens

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