One Piece Chapter 1042 Explained / Review

Here see Drake tries to save Luffy and honor his promise to Zoro about being an ally and attacks CP-0 member but could not held and some unusual techniques used by Kaido while fighting with Luffy and CP-0 member interrupting their fight.

One Piece Chapter 1042 Explained / Review

We can see the Cover Page of ‘One Piece Chapter 1042‘ just the sequel of chapter 1041 as Pudding punches Sanji’s brother for being too mean to him and is still angry. The chapter is named “Winners shouldn’t need Rationalizations” as we will soon know why the chapter was given this name.

As I said earlier Drake attacks the last CP-0 member from behind but as Drake was injured himself so Drake was unable to hold him for long before the CP-0 member uses Finger Pistol(as seen in Water Seven and Enies Lobby) on Drake and seriously injured Drake where he is unable to move anymore. CP-0 member is shocked and asked him why to which he replied as he was performing his own justice.

The Flower festival is about to end where everyone is writing their wishes on a lantern and floating them towards the sky as a ritual of the end of Festival for that year

Luffy using his Gear fourth form Snake Man hurts Kaido intensely using “HYDRA” and other techniques like “PYTHON” etc and Kaido is hurt and he could not react and also he cannot seem to understand how Luffy is altering trajectory of his Punches. Kaido is still Drunk and warns Luffy to stop hurting him

Kaido is Drunk and is getting punched from all sides where he uses his Flirty Drunk Phase and tries to intimidate/Interrupt Luffy’s rhythm as he can too see in the future (Advanced Observation Haki) he knows what is about to happen next.

Kaido saw what was happening and dodged Luffy’s attack and Caught him in his mouth where he was using Thieving Drunken Phase. Luffy is hurt.

Just as Kaido releases Luffy from his Jaws, Kaido uses Blast Breath on him.

which pushed Luffy from the Top Floor of the floating Onigashima to the Other end from where Big Mom just fell. Luffy changes from Snake Man to Bound Man to increase his mobility and to go up the top floor again.

Luffy flies to the top where Kaido seemed anxious about Luffy wanting some more action. Luffy is seriously thinking about his Gear Fourth Time Limit as he hurries up for his next attack. Luffy also warns Kaido that until he leaves wano, the people will continue to starve to death where Kaido tells him that it’s only Luffy’s decision to make the choice of Joining the right group.

Kaido is still mocking people of Wano about their failures, defeat and tells Luffy that Winner don’t need any kind of condition to win they just do. Luffy uses “SUPREME KONG GUN”.

Kaido uses Homicidal Drunk Phase and attacks Luffy with Thunder bagua and where Luffy seemed to be just incapacited , Luffy was actually stopping the Haki from going out of his body. Here we get the general idea about how Gear Fourth works as Luffy inflates his body with Air and Haki to make Bound Man, Tank Man, Snake Man etc.

Just when Luffy was about to get another hit (I think Supreme Kong Gun) and Kaido was ready to counterattack using “Roaring Thunder” the injured CP-0 member suddenly appears from behind Luffy and uses Iron Body to distract Luffy.

Just as shocked as how Kaido was when He and Oden were fighting someone named Higurashi interrupted which resulted in Oden’s capture and defeat, which again happened here where Luffy and Kaido are fighting and while Luffy got distracted Kaido hit him with Thunder Bagua and Luffy seems to be incapacitated but that is what we will know in the next chapter.

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