Moon Knight Episode 4 Release Date, Time, Plot, Cast, Disney Plus Marvel Series Trailer

In last week’s third episode, “moon night,” at Cannes, we’re halfway to Disney+ Hotstar.  The demon Dr. Hero is in Hell to revive Amit, the Egyptian goddess who lives somewhere in the desert and fertile Oz.

Moon Knight Episode 4 Release Date, Time, Plot, Cast, Disney Plus Marvel Series Trailer

When Steven Grant pursues Marcus Spector’s will, the former mercenary heads to Cairo, where he and Layla investigate the ancient city for clues to the location of Amit’s tomb.  To speed things up, Khonshu eclipses the sun to provoke the wrath of the god and opens a portal that leads to the interior of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Inside, Mark meets Anode, a high-ranking councilor of the Egyptian gods, through whom he speaks to warn the incarnations of Khonshu Hero’s plan.  During the trial, Hero is called in to defend himself, but is found not guilty.

Hawthorne’s incarnation points Mark to wealthy archaeologist Anton Mogart, who steals an ancient star chart after the scene of a brutal battle.  Steven Grant stands up to render his mastery, and Khonshu twirls the night sky to look like the sky from a thousand years ago.  Steven and Laila can find the exact location of Amit’s grave, but Khonshu’s constant interference causes him to be captured by his companions.

Moon Knight Episode 3 hints at a mentally ill third person hiding from Mark and Steven.

Now, grab a cold drink of water and see what the desert sands have in store for us in this week’s fourth installment of “The Fist of Khonshu.” 

What is the release date of Moon Knight Episode 4?

Moon Knight Episode 4 will only be streamed on Disney+ on Wednesday, April 20, 2022.

What is the release date of Moon Knight Episode 4?

Disney+ unveiled new movies and TV shows in the Pacific at midnight.

How many episodes of Moon Knight are left?

Including three.  The Disney+ superhero series consists of six weekly episodes every 50 minutes.

Who starred in Moon Knight season 1?

Oscar Isaac (Dune, Star Wars: The Force Awakens) stars Steven Grant, a British Museum gift shop clerk, and Mark Spector, a former tenant and two dissidents who become incarnations of the Egyptian moon god Khonshu.

Ethan Hawke (Gatka, Training Day) cult leader Dr. Arthur Hero, enemy of the Moon Knight and ally of the dead Amit’s Egyptian Dover.  Spector’s wife and archaeologist Laila El May featured Kalamawi as Foley and the late Anton Mogart as Gazpard Onion.  Academy Award winning actor F.  Murray Abraham (Amadeus, Scarface) with skull gives the loud voice of the Egyptian god Khonshu.

Is there a trailer for Moon Knight Episode 4?

There are no special Episode 4 teasers.  However, a brief preview titled “Truth” was released on April 8, revealing some new shots of Mark/Steven in a sterile corridor in what looks like a mental institution, the main plot twist in this next chapter.  It is possible to see it below.

What is the plot of Moon Knight episode 4?

No official details have been given of Episode 4, but we were bound by Amit’s grave when we learned that the stolen pieces matched a green sky chart interpreted by Steven Grant.

The heroes are still lighter, and we can find out what happened to Layla’s dead father, and uncover a third persona in the form of comic book character cab driver Jack Locale.  Sometimes the docket must have a rescue mission to free Khonshu from prison.

Moon Knight directors Aaron Moorhead and Justin Bains told The Hollywood Reporter, “The fourth episode has a surprising change of mind, which forces you to rethink some things.”  “Being able to do things like this – appearing throughout the comic, and serving up the tone and feel of the comic, the urge to open up and see something you’ve never seen before – is one of the reasons we want to do that.”  Huh.  .”  Huh.  .”  were.  ,  ,  ,

Will there be Moon Knight season 2?

Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige also hasn’t confirmed a second season of Disney+ Moon Knight.  Something we might hear once Season 1 gets in the books, or Marvel may have always intended to make it a one-time show.

Moon Knight Episode 4 will air on Disney+ on April 20, 2022.

When is lunar night?  An Easter Egg shows off the MCU timeline

Lunar night gives a decisive indication of its setting.

From the outset, Moon Knight begins to tell his story with some references to the great Marvel cinematic universe.  In addition to the Marvel Studios opening credits, Episode 1 introduces its new superhero, Steven Grant or Mark Spector (Oscar Isaacs), who deals with the Avengers and the latest Marvel events.  But more than that, it’s unclear where exactly Moon Knight takes place on the MCU’s timeline.

Episode 1 may not answer that question, but the Moon Knight trailer is an important piece of evidence that gets us headed in the right direction.  This sign, at least, provides a general window on the timing of the Disney+ show event.

Moon night.  Oscar Isaac at Marvel Studios

Moon Knight MCU Timeline Explained

In Episode 1, Moon Knight introduces Steven Grant, a British Museum gift shop attendant who finds another man – Mark, an American mercenary – sharing his body.  The premiere episode focuses on Steven trying to understand what’s happening to him and why he wakes up in violent and unfamiliar circumstances.

As the episode moves in and out of London, where the first two episodes primarily take place, we have no idea when all of this will happen.  A sign of Roger’s The Musical poster can be seen on the streets of London.

Firstly, it is difficult to establish whether this Disney+ series is installed in the pre-blip MCU world.  Or if Moon Knight takes place in the same universe as other Marvel movies and shows.  With the introduction of the multiverse in Loki, almost anything happens at this point.

One of the Moon Knight trailers features a post-flip Easter egg.  Miracle Studio

However, the Moon Knight trailer, called “The Secret Agent”, includes important background details that confirm the show is set on the MCU after the blip.  In a single shot from the trailer, Moon Knight stands in front of the GRC, announcing a bus called the Global Repetition Council.  You might remember the GRC from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which was introduced by the organization with the aim of restoring order after the Avengers released a snap of Thanos in Endgame.

Where does Moon Knight fit into the MCU?

With the confirmation that Moon Knight is the story after the night, we don’t have enough evidence to say where the show is on its fourth phase timeline.

Hockey and Spider-Man: The End of No Way Home is set for the 2024 holiday season.  So let’s assume that Moon Knight falls between the events of No Way Home and Doctor Strange – based on the sequence of release alone.  Insanely later Marvel movies coincidentally (or not) premiere the same week as the finale of Moon Knight, both feature sets featuring the British Museum.  The show seemed a bit focused in recent episodes of Marvel.

Moon night.  Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant in Marvel Studios

But while Moon Knight Doctor hasn’t been linked to a Strange sequel, we expect the series to make a more accurate MCU connection by the end of the season.  Executive producer Grant Curtis Invert confirmed that the show is “very much in the MCU”.

“We didn’t intentionally try to isolate him,” Curtis said.

It remains to be seen how Moon Knight will transform Marvel’s ever-expanding cinematic universe with its story.  But we are sure that it will take us in a new direction in the fourth phase and beyond – something different from what we have seen before.

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