Minions : The Rise of Gru Box Office DOUBLES Lightyear’s Opening Weekend

Where we see the opening weekend for minions the rise of gru box office from Universal grossing $108.5 million domestically which is absolutely shattering.

Minions The Rise of Gru Box Office

Minions The Rise of Gru Box Office

Minions The Rise of Gru Box Office

That’s what this light year has done up to this point. Keep in mind that light year was only open for $50 million or so I think about $51 million in its opening weekend was closer to $100 in the original estimates for that movie, then It failed 75 and then it ended up underperforming in almost every single capacity. Merciful On the other hand is currently running with animated domestic box office for the summer, with essentially $108.5 million already putting it to the point where it’s ahead of Lightyear’s total domestic numbers, it’s just crazy stuff. going on, but I also think it’s a huge message for Disney from Chris Evans to Hollywood that if you make movies and you try and push the identity forward. You make it very clear in your media coverage and in the stories you put out about your movies, when you’re doing things like Baymax at Disney and where you’re trying to push various vaginal objects.

When you’re trying to do a lot of things like fighting against the laws in Florida, you start to get random crap out of kids’ throats, you start to realize hey families don’t like this and remember Keep in mind that not all families have a certain predisposition for them. again families in general will go across the political spectrum, we’ll have all different kinds of concepts and ideas and what do you see for Disney especially all the studios really doing it in some form or fashion But Disney is much more than that. I especially think that when it’s being directed toward kids again, it’s doing it in a way where most families have nothing. nothing to do with it and hey you are losing money because its se and go wow go break light here hashtag lightyear lost money but minion rise from universal universal is clearly not a good studio either they working a lot with china for example one their movies alone have already given 100 plus million to CCP and we will call it Jurassic World Dominion but let’s go ahead and destroy light years again for six There are some positivity about 108.5 million minions domestically after being out and coming back to number two. Had only 14 drops in weeks.

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This short film is not really a short film but minions the rise of gru has done something that no one would have ever thought of, most of the people would never have thought that if we are the highest -2022 grossing movies which are top Gun Maverick will be in that mix, you know I’m glad it’s doing it because it’s one of my most anticipated movies for the past few years and it lives up to that hype and goes beyond that. I knew for you to see yourself that there are many others watching it the same way and the fact that the film continues to do so well after six weeks, even after six weeks on 3 then 800 screens. It’s phenomenal to see the top Gun Maverick is now up to 564 million domestically, I think there’s a really good chance to get and end up around 600 million in the domestic market, which is just insane.

Elvis comes in third with $19 million, down 39 from last week. It’s actually a pretty strong hold which is 67.3 million domestic filming Jurassic World Dominion, dropping to the number four spot to make another 15.6 million that’s 40 to 41 drops and even though it’s certainly light years away Is.

For example, which is seeing over 60 drops almost every single week, this is a film that has made its money back, but its chances of reaching one billion are not nearly as high as the opening. I’d have a chance it’s still a beautiful addition. You know that huge amount of money is made every single week both domestically and internationally but with diminishing returns and increase in box office competition like Thor Love and Thunder has a long way to come.

Coming next week even though, I think it’s going to be a completely useless movie based on the trailers and based on what we’ve been told I can’t deny the fact that there are a lot of MCU stands that, They’re going to see that movie and they’re going to go you know you know has to boost the box office and it’s a big hit, basically it’s very sore and very black eye take away gonna be what Disney has right now when it comes to light, among other things, but maybe whatever’s going on right now is clearly affecting Lightyear’s box office, maybe This Throws Eleven Thunder will make an impact at the box office, we’ll have to wait and see on that, but Dominion is Coming for $15.6 Million. Its domestic is 331.8, it has more than $800 million worldwide, although so much money is coming from international markets with over 100 million coming from China, especially the CCP Black phone in its second week of release. Saw a very strong 48 This movie has now crossed its breaking point and hence making some profit now I have heard some very good things about it here is a lot about a psychological thriller that makes me happy like Maybe I’ll actually watch this movie this week if I can and then come in sixth place which is a disappointing 6.5 million out of the top five light years and 64 drops, its second miss from the weekend to the first week of release by the time, it fell about 65 percent.

So now we have another drop around the same amount so this movie is just losing money every day and money is not coming for this movie and now disney started pulling it from theaters, if we do something so i wouldn’t be surprised if mass watching starts oh number you know this movie is going to be pulled up to theaters and i won’t either. Would be surprising if Light Years were announced for an early release on Disney Plus as they really don’t have much to go on at this point. Maybe Thor Love and Thunder will be able to get things back on track for them, but for me we’ll have to wait and see if those numbers are now 105.3 million domestically, but like I said the minions Did it in one weekend and it took three weekends. light years to get to that point so if that message isn’t clear enough I don’t know if otherwise and the media can keep trying to spin the number so well you can say you know because baby just know your families, they’re no longer going to the theater because they want to wait for things to come out of disney ok if that was true then why do you have a situation where minions are making 108.5 no argument Might give that they’re from Universal.

There are movies that don’t immediately come to streaming services, though it’s still a baby movie. It’s also a .com. By sharp though as you know the deal with China isn’t trying to push the kind of politics that Disney has in its kit and its kids stuff that’s becoming a big story internationally at the moment. So yeah I’m going to go ahead and say yeah working with ccp isn’t nearly as bad as I’d say trying to get to know you kids again and uh you know get into the grooming business because it’s your Up against the punch was Disney’s Minions Rising Cruise which says it’s here again crazy number 1.1 at $202.202 million worldwide by the deadline. Billion dollar domination is over 800 million instead of passing 100, as we can see from these numbers, it’s 221.6 million and compare it to some other movies because someone said you well know that I I’ve always been so disgusted. You know that lucrative franchise that I never declined, but we also have to remember that Toy Story 4 made over a billion dollars as a movie because it was Toy Story 3 that really made the era. finished. That’s $1.2 billion when you adjust. Those numbers for inflation just to see where are light years versus where Toy Story 4 was too, these are abysmal numbers and I think that’s something we’re going to be looking at very closely and that’s what the previous movies did. And the Toy Story franchise obviously isn’t this direct Toy Story movie, but it’s clearly inspired and you think the $1.2 billion people for those two movies, you know. Add money to the number. Could show for this movie if it was any good but it seems like it’s not really a really good movie although Top Gun Maverick is very happy to see this movie making an incredibly good $1.1 billion 76.7 Black There are 113.5 million Jurassic World Dominions on the phone at $828 million and 189.1 only light years is unlikely to be a huge hit, the movie needed $250 million last weekend and there was no hope of it breaking, so this movie just going to lose a crap ton of money to pay a little money.

You can guess where these movies are. Black Phone now puts the 76.7 film in 20.5 million in black, so if you look at Elvis again the movie is going to gross somewhere between $40 and 66 million because that budget was so high. $85 million budget is too much, it could either lose 30 or earn about 8 million or so we have to watch this movie as it keeps going but for me that stops me watching this movie right away, it Truly a scary performance from Tom Hanks. ‘both are like little kids uh kids movies that’s not really being made for kids it seems lighter now at 189.1 million this movie is still in the red at 186.5 this movie is about to lose somewhere between 170 and 117 guess yes this movie doesn’t look good at all and may not be for a good studio but those numbers are like so what are you all thoughts, have you seen gru’s minions grow, do you see this What are your thoughts about Worth and Light Years Absolutely all movies like Top Gun Maverick flying into the stratosphere in such a way that no one has ever seen it in my opinion let me know in the comments section below And you can find the chart complete with even more. want to see box office breakdown video watch review of my channel where i will do my own breakdown. You guys are amazing and beetles guys make sure you honestly break the button like a button of fire, may you all have a wonderful day and god bless you as always

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