Jewar Airport News: Price fixed for taking land from farmers of 96 villages, authority will give compensation for one bigha

Jewar Airport News: In the 69th board meeting of Yamuna Authority held on Monday, many important decisions have been taken in the interest of farmers.

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There is anger among farmers regarding compensation.  Taking a decision, the authority has increased the rates of compensation given to farmers against land acquisition.  Also, all farmers will be compensated as per Noida International Airport rates.  This means that farmers of 96 villages will benefit from this.  If we talk about the average, then for one bigha land i.e. 27000 square feet land, farmers will get compensation of about Rs 93 lakh.

A board meeting was held under the chairmanship of Uttar Pradesh Industrial Development Commissioner and Yamuna Authority Chairman Alok Tandon.  Discussion on several important agendas has been approved in the meeting.  Yamuna Authority CEO Dr.  Arunveer Singh said that the rates of compensation to the farmers have been increased in 96 villages of the authority area.

Acquisition at the rate of Rs 2300 per square meter

For the Noida International Airport, land has been acquired at the rate of Rs 2300 per square meter with the consent of the farmers.  Now the farmers of 96 villages will also be given compensation at the same rate.  Farmers have been given two options by the authority.  If a farmer takes 7 percent developed residential plot, then he will be given compensation at the rate of 2068 per square meter.  Those farmers who will not take the plot, they will be given compensation at the rate of 2300 per square meter.

Farmers have also been given relief in lease back cases.

The Yamuna Authority has also given great relief to the farmers in the cases of leaseback and shifting.  The Yamuna Authority had returned the abadi land to 146 farmers through pattas.  which was examined.  Farmers who had acquired leaseback land by December 31, 2012.  Those farmers will be given relief.  It will be investigated on the basis of satellite images and terrestrial reports of the leaseback committee.  The decision to review these cases has also been taken by the officials.  At the same time, 306 more leaseback cases have also been asked to be investigated.  At the same time, farmers will be able to apply under the new release back policy till January 10.

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