How to play sudoku game for begenears

How to play Sudoku game? Often we play sports or do other kinds of activities in our spare time to avoid boredom. But most of the people pass their time by playing games. In this way, you can play many types of games. But Sudoku game is different from all other games.

how to play sudoku

In this game you need to put more of your mind. Because this game is a game of numbers, in which some numbers are given to you and some you have to fill with your mind. so that you can complete the line properly.

This game has been featured in the newspaper for a long time. And the mind of those who solve it daily has also become very sharp. In today’s time Sudoku game online is also available which you can easily download and play on your smart phone.

So let’s now know how you can play this game.

How to play sudoku game?

Sudoku game is very easy to play. Only you need to be aware of certain rules and methods. In this game, you have to write the numbers in such a way that they do not repeat more than once in a row. If a number is repeated more than once then you are making some mistake in the game.

That is, you have not arranged the numbers of the game properly. So let’s know how you will play Sudoku game. I would ask you to play Sudoku game on mobile so that you can find your mistake soon and you can fix it immediately.

5 Step for Playing Sudoku Game

Step 1

First you divide it into blocks.

Step 2

Now find the repeat number in all the blocks. That will make it easier for you to move forward.

Step 3

Now you have to identify the numbers and fill your numbers in the blanks. And keep in mind that no number you type is repeated in the horizontal and vertical line.

Step 4

If you still can’t solve the puzzle or you’re having trouble identifying the numbers, you should look carefully at your filled numbers.

Step 5

This game is very confusing. So while playing this game, you have to put your full attention in the game.

How to solve sudoku game? How to solve sudoku puzzles?

The first rule of playing the Sudoku game is that no number you type is repeated in any line. Always solve Sudoku games with the help of a pencil so that you can correct it if you make a mistake.

You have to fill in the boxes yourself that are empty. In Sudoku game, you can only fill in numbers from 1 to 9 in a row.

What are the benefits of playing Sudoku games?

This game is very tough and you have to put a lot of brain to play it. Playing Sudoku game also sharpens your brain. This game can be played sitting anywhere anytime.


If you like the above information about our Sudoku game, do let us know. Through this post we have tried to teach you how to play Sudoku game.

The rules of Sudoku game are quite simple but in the beginning you have some difficulty in playing this game, but once you know about the rules of this game and how to play it, you will be able to solve the puzzles easily. ,

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