F1 News: Toto Wolff sends an ENCRYPTED Message To Lewis Hamilton Due To A Problem With George Russell

Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and George Russell are heading to Barcelona for the Spanish Grand Prix in separate moons this weekend, in fact Russell is really energized after finishing top five in the opening five races of the 2022 Formula 1 season , but Hamilton is a bit disappointed, especially after the car issues he faced with the seven-time world champion had plagued him on purpose in w13 since the start of the season, which saw him score 23 points over his young teammate Russell. with turned back and has mathematically more points than their partner. The two Brits, seven-time world champions in Miami, were actually battling him for possession for the first time, but Team Principal Plus said he was happy with how they were interacting.

F1 News: Toto Wolff sends an ENCRYPTED Message To Lewis Hamilton Due To A Problem With George Russell

Whether this situation will really have some effect on the relationship between the two teammates We can see what is the real Inter-Mercedes conflict in Barcelona. Milton has a real problem with his new partner Russell Friends, we are happy to announce that our Formula Zoom family is amazingly growing as Formula 1 fans, we are happy to present you a beautiful poster of your favorite Formula 1 Well, the position of a driver is very simple.

So the Mercedes team which is struggling to resolve the w13 issue is facing some comments from the press and media about the condition of their two drivers who are focusing on Lewis. An iconic driver who has one of his worst moments on the track in young talent George, who looks like the time he spent at Williams with the perfect train tip on how to make the most of underperforming car Team Principal Totowolf, Felt so confident about it. New patternship between two drivers. I believe it will be closer to the Hamilton bodice, Hamilton Rosberg has commented on it as reported by GP fans. 

I am really happy about both of them and they talk about how respectful they are towards each other. Even in the Sunday situation where they raised each other, it is getting a bit tha i’m not leaving any room and then ok i’m going to find another way and get the position back i think how the two of them should run with each other as teammates , so I’m glad how he settled on the other side, said Schroker That is a negative as we all wear as racing drivers and I believe the same in any case I must say it will bother him.

 Is it really troubling Hamilton is trying to address the problems among his team’s drivers, talking about technical problems since the start of the season, Totowolf still admits he had the second-fastest car. Came out last and took out the maximum possible point with it at the Miami Grand Prix and revealed that the team has already made some upgrades on w13 to get ready to go to Barcelona’s track during Friday’s practice. Showed true potential We continued to experiment with the setup, added some new components and this gave us a clue as to which direction to go, did the team really get the real answer to fix the objective issue before the weekend in Spain Responding to a question that the team has found, Todowolf said the team has certainly gotten some useful information from Miami and a huge amount of hard work is going on at the factories to clear the data from Miami in winter testing and bring it to Barcelona. One of the winter test updates for Improvements have been made to run with.

From then on it would be a good place to correlate the information we have on the current car and we are helpful that we will take one more step d should be mentioned that the circuit decatalonia will change little in the last 10 years, silver arrows Believes this will make things a bit tougher but still wishing the new formula 1 car generation could show a decent performance on the track above all this, the car itself is a good all-rounder so it really It has never been a great track to overtake, so it will be interesting to see how this new shape of the 2022 Formula 1 car impacts the track spectacle in Spain.

Let’s see what’s with it revealed over the coming weekend If you’re a Mercedes fan let us know what you think about the relationship between Hamilton and Russell These are just media rumours leave a comment

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