E-Shram Card: How to check money in E-Shram card? and How much money is available in E-Shram card?

E-Shram and Mazdoor Card: How to check money in e shram card, how much money is available in e shram card, when will money come in e shram card, how to get e shram card money and all that information you want to know, then given below in full details  Is.  Read and understand it completely.


What is e-Shram and Mazdoor Card?

The Government of India has come up with a scheme for the workers and laborers, which is named “E-Shram“, under this the workers and laborers will have to make their own E-Shram card, if you also come under this category of laborer, then  You can make your own too.  Get e-shram or labor card made.

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E-shram scheme has been run by the Government of India so that workers and laborers can get financial help, although it is not confirmed that how much money will be deposited in the account of laborers and laborers, ₹ 500 is the minimum, more than that in your account.  Money can come. 

How much money does a labor card get?

Do you know how much money is available in this e-shram card, let us tell you how much money is available in e-shram card, at least ₹ 500 will be given in labor card but ₹ 5,000, ₹ 2,000 and ₹ 1,000 can also be given

How to check money in a labor card?

Let us now tell you how to check money in labor card, below are 3 ways by which you can check your e-shram card money

   1. You have to go to the bank with the passbook of the concerned account and you can get the check done there.

   2. If the labor card money will come in your account then you will get a message in which you will be told

   3. If your mobile number is registered in the bank account then you can also check the balance from toll free number

When will the money in a labor card come?

Now let’s talk about when the money will come in the e-shram card, it has been told that money will start coming in the labor card from January 2022, but some people say that the money will come in their labor card account.  on 1 January 2022.  But some people say that money has not arrived in their account.

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However till now no information has come from the government whether money is coming or going to come in e-shram or labor card.  It is expected that after January 15, money can start coming in the e-shram card.

How to withdraw labor card money?

Don’t you know how to withdraw money from e-shram card?  So you can easily withdraw money from your account by going to your bank or you can withdraw money from Aadhar card in village or city also.

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