Death On The Nile Movie Review [2022]

The champagne shines, the wooden deck shines, and the white linens are pressed crisp. The brilliant actors in “Death on the Nile” are all set, but they have nowhere to go.

The brilliant actors in "Death on the Nile" are all set, but they have nowhere to go.

Kenneth Branagh’s adaptation of the mystery of Agatha Christie’s death, the follow-up to his 2017 “Death on the Nile“, once again sees the filmmaker behind and in front of the camera as legendary detective Hercule Poirot. Although it is clear that he has the ball in the form of a mustache superslot, but this journey has not been so much fun for us. There’s a team here that focuses on visual effects and performance. The private moments of the supporting players bring the film to life from time to time. While their A-list stars Armie Hammer and Gail Gadot may be extraordinarily beautiful, they are both strangely tough and have zero romantic chemistry with each other. (Hammer has other problems, outside of the screen, we can get to it in seconds.)

“Orient Express” writer Michael Green has returned to adapt the screenplay, adding a welcome change; Sophie O’Connor and Letitia Wright are the main characters in the team. But this process will take time to progress and the tension will increase. The flashbacks they attach to the beginning are Branagh and Greene’s most intriguing and compelling moves: a compelling, black-and-white portrayal of a young Poirot in the trenches of World War I, where he demonstrates resourcefulness and sharp wit. Trademark it. Adult Branagh allows us to see the origin story of Boyrot’s signature mustache, which begins the film with shock and a heart attack. I want to see the rest of the movie; It was creation and hatred. Instead, we get “Death on the Nile“.

When we moved to London in 1937, we saw the establishment and worship of a Poirot-filled and jumping blues club where O’Connor’s Salem Otterbone performed. Her niece, Wright’s Rosette Otterbone, is also the custodian of her tough nails. But Poirot also has a show on the floor: handsome Simon Doyle (Hammer) and his surviving fiancée Jacqueline de Bellefort (Emma Mackie) tear him apart with romance and acrobatic dancing. Seeing Hammer perform physically and sexually in this way, the allegations of assault and abuse leveled against the actor by several women cannot be ignored. (He denies this, saying that whatever happened in the relationship was consensual. However, it is difficult to get rid of that uncomfortable feeling.)

But Jacqueline once introduced Simon to her childhood friend Lynette Ridge (Gadot), who is apparently a handsome heiress. So who can blame him? This is where Branagh’s choice to shoot at 65mm is particularly effective. Gadot’s entry into the Smokey Club, an edgy, metallic silver gown, is so dreamy and creamy, it’s full of fantasy and escapism more than anything on the latter’s boat. Soon, Simon and Lynette marry Poirot during their honeymoon ceremony on the Nile while on vacation in Egypt and leave.

She follows the adventures of her charming old friend Bock (Tom Batman, reprising his role as “The Orient Express”) and her rich and famous mother, Euphemia (a strange Annette Bening whom she loved). Is. , SS Karnak has Lynette’s lawyer/cousin Kachdurian (Ali Fazal); She is her fiancé ((Russell Brand, her personal maid (Rose Leslie)), her mother-in-law, her traveling nurse, and Jennifer Saunders, Jennifer Saunders. Jennifer Saunders is a longtime comedy duo. O’Connell. Alone on She Stole the movie with the entire singers, and wanted a movie about that character again.

In addition, there is an uninvited guest who appears first at the hotel and then on the ship: the jailed Jackie, who chases the newlyweds and gives everyone another reason to hang out, looks into the various furnished parlors and looks at the sides. With his wide, brown eyes, Mickey Crazy brings in just the right amount of people for the role. But like everyone else in “Death on the Nile”, he has no more than two features. Brands, Fuzzle, French and Leslie get special short shifts. So when a murder happens – because of course there will always be murder around Hercule Poirot – this whodunit becomes more and more r-care. Even after the spy’s strategic interrogation, we know very little about these characters.

Meanwhile, in the middle of the film, which is believed to be the inspiration for passionate romantic adventures and suspense, is a large hole the size of a hammer and gallows. They have no physical or emotional connection with each other. His timing and body language are all wrong. It is impossible to believe that the two are in such deep and spontaneous love with each other that they are willing to spoil the engagement and (her) priceless friendship (with him).

We cannot properly engage in the landscape. “Death on the Nile” feels empty and artificial—a dazzling, CGI-rendered version of the legally majestic and compelling visuals. Sometimes, it can be “Death on the Nile: The Video Game”. Considering how much the film is getting delayed due to the pandemic, perhaps that should be the case.

Now playing in cinemas.

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