Corona’s new variant “Deltacron” after Omicron, know what are the symptoms, how dangerous is it

After Delta and Omicron, the new incarnation of the corona virus has arrived, DeltaCron. How dangerous is it and what are its symptoms. Know what experts say.

Corona's new variant "Deltacron" after Omicron, know what are the symptoms, how dangerous is it

Corona’s new avatar Deltacron

There have been a few cases of DeltaCron in the UK. Symptoms of both Delta and Omicron have been found in the patient. Experts say that there should not be more danger than this.

New variants of corona virus are coming out one after the other. After Delta came Omicron. Now the new variant Deltacron has arrived. A few cases have been reported from UK’s DeltaCron, a hybrid strain of Omicron and a delta variant of COVID-19. However, the UK’s Health Protection Agency says they are not concerned about it right now because of the small number of cases. Know here what are its symptoms and how deadly it is.

What is DeltaCron?

Some such cases have been reported from the UK where the patient is infected with two types of Covid – Delta and Omicron. A report in the Daily Mail said that it is believed to have developed in one such patient. Which got infected with both variants at the same time. But it is not clear whether it came from other countries or originated in Britain. The report also noted that several recombinant forms have been detected in the pandemic, but they have not had any dangerous effects. DeltaCron has both Delta and Omicron variants.

How deadly is DeltaCron and what are its symptoms?

UKHSA officials also do not know how contagious or serious the new form of the coronavirus is, whether its symptoms or the vaccine will affect it. However, infectious disease specialist Professor Paul Hunter was quoted by the Daily Mail as saying that this “should not pose a high risk” as the UK has a high level of immunity against native Delta and Omicron variants. He said that so at the moment I am not too worried at this time. If Delta and Omicron are both falling, this version should struggle to spread.

What did the WHO say on DeltaCron?

Earlier the World Health Organization (WHO) had reported that it is possible for a person to be infected with different forms of SARS-CoV-2. And incidentally people were infected with both influenza and COVID-19 “during this pandemic”.

According to media reports, Kostrikis and his team identified 25 cases of ‘Deltacron’ in Cyprus on January 7, of which 11 were hospitalized. The team sent their findings to the GISAID global science initiative and the international database, which provides open access to genomic data for the coronavirus.

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