We talk about what we know about the man overboard situation on board the carnival mardi gras.


The man overboard on the carnival mardi gras very very sad situation. we’re going to share with information that we know right now about this man. we’re going to share where he fell overboard and what happened in the early hours last night. so on the screen now is the coordinates according to the coast guard of where this man fell overboard on board. The cruise ship mardi gras as she’s making her way back to port canaveral. 

This was reported around 3 a.m local time and as you can see here it was a good few miles offshore closer towards the vero beach area right around sebastian inlet. if you look straight across area. Now this event happened around 3 00 a.m this morning and during this event of course the sister ship to the carnival mardi gras. The carnival elation was also making its way back to port canaveral did help assist in the search and rescue. we’re going to play now a clip from a coast guard sector jacksonville with her pom-pom call which basically is a notice to mariners to be on the lookout for this man. 

So i play a little bit of that time zero calm twenty four corner reversal time at zero. one twenty four locals the coast guard received a report of a man overboard from the cruise ship mardi gras and position seven type in five six decimal eight north by zero. Seven niner tyson c5 decimal. Seven west a 43 year old male wearing a light colored shirt and dark shorts all desperate requests to keep a sharp lookout. Just as possible before all signings along the listeners to the coast guard sign commander united states coast guardsman and i do want to stay corrected here. 

It was a sector miami not sector jacksonville. Who was involved in helping with the search and rescue of this man. There was some footage shared by other youtube channels of them. searching on board the mardi gras for this man overboard in the water again this was pretty far out there in the atlantic ocean. so the chances of survival were very very small and unfortunately at this time we have not good news to report of this man being found. 

We still believe that there is an ongoing search by sector miami however that the ship mardi gras did indeed circle the area for a few hours and that did affect its arrival time into port canaveral florida of course. They had to do a disembarkation today around the nine o’clock time frame. so again a late departure could be happening because they did have a late arrival to the port as well again thoughts and our prayers are with this man and his family again this is a very very sad situation.

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