Bgmi 2.1 update not showing in play store/ app store

So on 13th July we got to see Bgmi 2.1 update inside pubg mobile and we all thought that only on thirteenth we will get to see update inside Bgmi. But this time the update got delayed. And updating has started on the fourteenth date i.e. today itself. Why am I saying this because from 12.30 pm, all the Android users have started updating them.
Bgmi 2.1 update not showing in play store/ app store

Bgmi 2.1 update not showing?

If the notice comes out from the top of the official, then you can see that it is simply mentioned inside the notice that all Android users will have this update from 12:30 PM to 6.30 PM. If you have a lower device then you will get to see a little late update. If you have a little high end device inside android then you will get to see the update soon. Meaning you will get to see different updates on the device. But still I am going to give you some tips. What tips are going to be there, now you will know. Who is an iOS user before this, like I also have an iOS device. So you will get to see the update for iOS player after 4 pm. So after 4 o’clock the update will come inside iOS, so you can easily update.

Tips for bgmi 2.1 update download

So first of all tell me in below comment which device you have, whether it is android or whether it is showing update inside your device or not. If you wait a long time or don’t see your update, then I want to give you some tips.
  • First the normal update will come. If you are still getting a little late, then there is one thing you can do, first of all you can clear the data or cache of play store.
  • Try clearing the cache first and then clearing the data to see if your update is showing.
  • You can also start the phone once, switch it off and turn it on.
  • If you still not showing update then you have to switch account and have a look, that means if you have more than one gmail account then just switch account.
  • Then go back to see if your update is showing or not.
  • And with all these little tips your update will start showing.

Bgmi 2.1 update download play store

Again let me tell you one thing that you have to update from play store only. You don’t need to update with any third-party link from any third-party website. Because if your account is favorite then updating from play store itself.

So if you have an Android 12 device, then there may be some problem with the update inside you. So here the official mentioned and here only said that when they enter within bgmi 2.1 update for the first time, you can see the error within 2.1 update. So you can switch off the phone and then you can still see it when you come.

You then try again and then you must download an additional resource file. So all you have to do is download it. Then your update is going to run smoothly. WiFi is recommended here, so if someone near you or has WiFi near you, you can easily update.

Bgmi 2.1 update size android

So now many people will also have this question that how much can the size of MB be updated, so at the moment we did not get to see such an update but inside the disco of pubg mobile we got to see how much updated size can be. Is. So you can see that for those who are Android players, the update size is going to be 656 MB. Then you’ll have to download the additional issues file as well, so hold on to 1.5GB, it’ll take you to update everything.

Bgmi 2.1 update size ios

After that if you are an iOS user then you will get to see an update of 1.9 GB. You’ll find additional files inside the App Store and then a little more inside these games. So you also hold up to 2.5GB.

So overall I have covered almost everything inside this article. If you still have some doubts related to the update, you can ask in the comments below.

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