Better Call Saul Season 6 Release Date Confirmed

Here’s I’m going to talk about the final season of Better Call Saul season 6 and it’s finally coming to an end.  We’ve got dual release dates from now on. The 13 episode season is being split into two parts, we’ve got some short teasers, some promotional photos, and all the creators and actors have said some interesting things about the final season.  Worth watching again while we wait to get a proper season 6 trailer to receive all.  

Better Call Saul Season 6 Release Date Confirmed

Better Call Saul Season 6

Basic information from Better Call Saul Season 6 has been supersized at 13 episodes instead of the standard 10.  This is likely to help conclude that both Jimmy McGill and the Gene timeline saw Goodman’s story before and after becoming Walter White’s lawyer and breaking bad.  It wouldn’t be a huge surprise if we get some teasers or scenes in the original show’s timeline as we did in Season 4 Episode 5, but just keep in mind that Better Call Saul is the Season 5 finale.  Ned Breaking Bad’s first episode in June of 2004 took place in September of 2008, so personally there’s a huge time gap between the two series, I don’t think we’ll jump in too many times to completely close the gap where.

They have a lot to wrap up with Jimmy’s story right now but you never know what I feel like who Saul is when we first meet needs to be understood in relation to the person we last see.  There have been five seasons. I can’t believe they need to fill in every blank on the way to a release date, it’s also super sized that we have two of them. As mentioned the final season has to be split into two halves.  The first half will premiere on April 18th, then you’ll find weekly releases, followed by episodes through 7 which bring back the concept of the mid-season finale, though I think it’s worth noting  that doesn’t look like they went into it with the writing process in mind when all the AMC shows went through their seasons.  

If neither split, he wrote them for an actual finale halfway through, it was like breaking it into two seasons and with season six that may not happen, either way the second half of the season will premiere on July  11th so there’s only a seven week gap between it, it means the better call saul series finale will air on 15th august, they gave some funny hints on the release date, in the first two teasers they released, they  Tagline was marked to your calendar without announcing it directly.  Which date in the first teaser, we see cousins ‚Äč‚ÄčLionel and Marco Salamanca arriving at the crime scene outside Lalo’s Hacienda in Mexico, no doubt from Gus’s failed attempt on his life in the season 5 finale.  

Related you can see the Mexican federal police in hand and the creators use evidence markers with the letters d and r as clues that are the 4th and 18th letters in the alphabet for the 4 and 18 release date in the second teaser.  Gustavo Fringe is entering his house after collecting his mail and the address above the door is also 418.  With neither of these having much useful information for speculation, it seems a bit odd that there would be an official investigation into what happened at Lalo’s house.  

Place but you can see that the police officers at the scene are very respectful to the cousins, they ignore the fact that they kick the evidence marker and even bow their heads so that  Do not make direct eye contact when they pass by in gust teasers.  Dressed up we’re used to seeing her at Los Pollos Harmonos, but for the most part it’s nothing out of the ordinary, the two seeming to be kicking off a date that takes a few minutes for someone to speculate.  It was fun.  Or more likely as many people put it together and posted about it, there was also an AMC ad that aired during the Super Bowl that had some short sequences from season six and earlier that Jimmy had a Breaking Bad character cameo.  

Joe comes to the nail salon where he has a lot of potential new clients waiting for him and on the right side of the screen you can see Spudge behind the fish tank, you will miss him.  His head was crushed by an ATM machine he stole and Saul mentions that he was his customer in the original series when he was talking to Walt a quick shot of Gus meeting with someone at the Chicken Farm and a  There was also the shot Kim looked over her shoulder to see a lot of people bring up the shirt she was wearing and how it doesn’t really look like her usual style, it has a floral print and has led to some wild speculation that  He’s probably involved in something happening in Mexico.  That means it looks a bit like whatever Lala wears, but that final teaser is also a huge stretch where she actually confirmed that the release date is the most interesting, but this is where we get to know about it.  

The idea is purely propaganda or is it teasing something that would actually historically be one of the better Call Sauls, usually putting together several preseason teasers with material that they prepared separately to promote the show.  This is because this is the third teaser. It appears that Jean is returning to Albuquerque, it is in black and white as if everything is in Jean and begins with a close-up shot of Jimmy who  You’re Seeing is on a wanted poster When the camera pulls back it’s offering a $5 million bounty for information leading to the arrest of James.

It’s clear this hangs out somewhere in Albuquerque and just in case you forgot Jean works Omaha Neb.  Raska but you see him walk up and pull him down as he passes the gene returning to new mexico if it really happens i guess we’ll have to wait and see if it’s something that’s eemailed. The address is supposed to show but if you call the number on the flyer you hear that the number you reached is no longer in service, no more information at this time which is definitely a Bob Odenkirk  and this led some fans to speculate that the poster number had something to do with Gene himself as part of a plan, I can see where they’re coming from the five million dollar bounty.  

Sounds high and Jimmy is a schemer plus we’re hoping there will be some kind of face-to-face with Jeff now that the taxi driver has identified him, but this shot feels kind of Albuquerque, disconnected from it  It’s a good tease though and I’m excited to see if there’s more to it, we know for sure  We’re ending for Jean’s story, with many mentions of it in interviews, showrunner Peter Gould repeating most of what he told anyone who watches the show carefully and wonders where it all goes.  Going on, one question you have to ask yourself is what is this man worth not only because of what is going to happen to him, but what would be a worthy ending to The Jimmy McGill Saul Goodman Gene Takovic Is He Worthy of Death.

The Show  Obviously the end for everyone is death, but that may not be where we leave this man. Is there any way for him to win any redemption after all?  The Way He Did When TV Guide asked his co-creator about Jean’s fate, Vince Gilligan said I love the story of someone who’s done a lot of bad things, yet redeems himself  And in a recent New York Times article they went to the final season set to interview Bob Odenkirk and the scene they were shooting was definitely  So it looked like one of Jean’s Vince Gilligan was directing as well and we know he was directing the final episodes of 6-12 so that could also confirm Me that the series would end.  

For her timeline there will be more gen material and maybe even whole episodes, ever since it was announced that there were going to be 13 episodes, people started to wonder if we finally get three whole gen episodes so it might be going in that direction  It’s pretty funny when you think about how little time has elapsed in those Omaha scenes and then how long it took them to come out, Peter Gould says they could all happen in no time.  Days or Weeks and they’ve been shooting them for almost six years in that New York Times article, there’s mention of the closing script. 

The interviewer is there when Ray Seehorn finds out that Bob has to read it and asks him what he thought.  tha he tells him i think i like it but i was so wiped out when i read it in the middle of the night, i think  I think it’s a challenging way to go to end the series it’s not flashy enough and on some level it’s things I’ve expected for years  have to read but what i like about it is it ain’t cheap it ain’t easy it doesn’t feel cartoonish it’s great i think it’s great  instead of focusing is about it just guns i think there are some guns but they are not like the other episodes and he tells the reporter i spend a lot of time this season committing crimes just stupid  offense so this seems like a good place to wrap things up we’ve got less than two months to go before the final season.

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